KeyBank Pavillion

West Allegheny Ice Hockey has an opportunity to work for Legends at Key Bank Pavilion, throughout the year to earn money for your hockey assessment.

Legends handles the account at Key Bank for all the concerts. They "pay" non-profit workers through a donation to your hockey account.

The Payout is determined by the amount of money we make as a whole organization at the end of the year allocated proportionally based upon the hours you have worked. Last year our rate was about 10.00 an hour. Location name is now: Key Bank Pavilion. TEAM training for alcohol will be replaced with the state training program, RAMP.

Those that completed it last year are good to go. PNC and Heinz will be doing the same with a change in the liquor laws. I will try to set up on-line training as in prior years for RAMP. VIBE will be our customer-service training program. Details will be provided at a later date – training will only be on-site at the venue.

  • New uniforms - Red Under Armour shirts will be provided at each event. Everyone must wear black (Dockers-styled) shorts or pants no sweat pants or yoga pants. Shoes - must be tennis shoes – closed toe.
  • Stands - Continued improvements and upgrades of existing locations

If you have any questions or are interested in participating please feel free to contact me.

Missy Gyergyo