Duane Foy Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Duane Foy Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by the West Allegheny Hockey Association in the spring of 2015 to memorialize Duane Foy and his contributions to youth hockey and the West Allegheny community. The scholarship was organized to emphasize Duane's love for his community, his emphasis on leadership, and of course, his passion for hockey.

The purpose of the Duane Foy Memorial Scholarship Fund is to provide scholarships or other educational grants to individual students. Scholarships are awarded through the West Allegheny School District, to a graduating senior ice hockey player who exemplifies Duane's work in community service, unselfish leadership, and academic achievement.

There was nothing Duane loved more than spending time with his family and friends, especially when it came to youth hockey. Duane was a hockey coach, manager, and the West Allegheny Hockey Association president over the course of his life. But those are just titles. In reality, Duane was a mentor, leader, and an inspiration to all whom he came into contact with. There was no one more willing to give his time and energy to ensuring the success of anything he touched.

For questions about the Duane Foy Scholarship fund of if you would like to make a contribution, please contact joedominick@comcast.net